Trio Palabras - Lo Que Dice Mi Cantar 180g Vinyl LP

Trio Palabras - Lo Que Dice Mi Cantar 180g Vinyl LP

Muxia Music
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Debut International Release On 180g Vinyl LP!
Plated & Pressed At RTI!
Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering!
Soaring Vocal Harmonies!

Cubadisco Award for Cancionistica Category!

With the album Lo Que Dice Mi Cantar, which was nominated in the category of Cancionística and produced by Jim Laurel from the Muxia Music label, the Palabras Trio won a Cubadisco award, the biggest event in Cuban discography.

Emerging in the 19th century, trova is the first expression of popular lyrical art in Cuban song and one of the principal roots of the great Cuban musical tradition. For over a century, trovadores (troubadours) have set poetry to music with extraordinary sensitivity and imagination that continues to amaze with soulful elegance and poetic flight.

LO QUE DICE MI CANTAR (What My Singing Says) is a walk through places and time with some of Trova's founding legends. From Lorenzo Hierrezuelo's energetic 'Vendedor de Agua' and Pepe Sanchez's 'Tristezas' (the very first Cuban bolero) to the somber 'Esta Vez Toco Perder' (popularized by the legendary Maria Teresa Vera), these passionate performances honor the venerable Cuban Trova tradition and speak directly to our modern heart.

The soaring vocal harmonies of Trio Palabras vocalists Vania Martinez and Liane Pérez, with the nuanced yet bold guitar accompaniment of Nubia González along with a wealth of some of Cuba's finest instrumentalists, combine to sweep us away, and if only for a few moments, provide a brief respite for the soul in this hectic world.

"MUXÍA MUSIC is dedicated to producing culturally significant acoustic music in high definition. We strive to capture music faithfully, with the highest possible fidelity, on location where it lives and breathes. We believe that recording an entire band playing together in a single space is the best way to capture that elusive 'vibe' that goes missing from many modern recordings. It is the key factor that gives the most beloved audiophile recordings of the late 1950s and 1960s that visceral sense of realism and coherent sound.

"All the tracks on this album were recorded in single takes. There was no editing, no overdubbing and only minimal post-production. The musicians were all playing at the same time in a studio live room, so the natural balance you hear is what the artists intended. What you hear on the record is very close to what we heard in the studio. So prepare yourself for an involving listening experience, and as you drop the needle on this record, remember the line from Pedro Ibánez's famous song, 'La Trova': 'Listen carefully to What My Singing Says.' Jim Laurel, Lee Lockwood and Andrew Spindor

Lo Que Dice Mi Cantar was recorded with the finest equipment from Merging Technologies, AEA, Royer Labs, Neumann, Josephson Engineering, Microtek Gefell and Sennheiser.

LO QUE DICE MI CANTAR is packaged in a deluxe gatefold jacket with a beautiful 16-page booklet of lyrics (with English translations), production and historical notes. The 180-gram vinyl was mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering and pressed at RTI for lifelike sound and pristine surfaces. This is an LP made with love for a most rarified listening experience. Discover a timeless musical form in a startling and full dimensional new way.

THIS RECORDING was tracked at 24bit/192kHz using two mastering-grade HAPI interfaces from Merging Technologies fitted with AD8DP microphone preamplifier/analog-digital converters. We located one HAPI in the live room close to the musicians in order to keep microphone cables as short as possible, thus avoiding the signal loss and potential for interference inherent in patch panels and long studio wiring runs. The resulting 16-track recording was mixed by Andrew Spindor at Railtown Mastering in Vancouver, BC on a Neve 8816, with various outboard components from Maselec, Hendy Amps, Merging, and Bricasti Design. Final digital/analog mastering and lacquer cutting was done by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood, CA.

  • Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering
  • 180g Vinyl LP
  • Plated & Pressed at RTI
  • Deluxe Gatefold jacket
  • Beautiful 15-page booklet of lyrics (English translations)
  • Music sung in Spanish
  • Debut international release

Vania Martinez, vocals
Liane Perez, vocals
Nubia Gonzalez, classical guitar

  1. El Vendedor de Agua (The Water Seller)
  2. Tristezas (Sadness)
  3. Yo Quisiera (I Wish)
  4. Doble Inconciencia (Double Unconsciousness)
  5. Pensamiento (Thought)
  6. La Ausencia (The Absence)
  7. Mujer Perjura (Lying Woman)
  8. Esta Vez Toco Perder (This Time I Lost)
  9. Ay! Simon (Oh! Simon)
  10. El Soldado (The Soldier)
  11. Tentempie (Snack)