Eric Bibb - Just Like Love LP 180 Gram Vinyl LP Opus 3 Audiophile Records

Eric Bibb - Just Like Love LP 180 Gram Vinyl LP Opus 3 Audiophile Records

Opus 3
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We are pleased to present, Just Like Love, the latest Opus 3 recording of Eric Bibb. Since Eric's breakthrough album on Opus 3, Spirit & The Blues in 1994, and the highly acclaimed follow up album Good Stuff, Sunday Times album of the year 1997 (UK), he has also made two studio albums and a live recording on other labels.

"Quite a few of these songs were recorded just weeks, days and even hours after landing in my notebook. I intentionally chose to share them at this early stage, prior to performance, because of my fondness for the unique energy of newborn songs. In order to capture these spontaneous moments of creativity, a collaboration was set up between ARM/Manhaton and my old friend Jan-Eric at Ops 3 Records, whose natural recording techniques are perfectly suited to these intimate, moments." - Eric Bibb


  • 180g Vinyl LP
  • High Quality Vinyl

1. Wrapped Up In Her Arms
2. My Charleston Dream
3. Dear John
4. Just Like Love
5. She's Still With Me
6. I Wanna Be Ready
7. Katri's Kindness
8. Get It While It's Hot
9. Home In That Rock
10. Forever Ago
11. Deep Sea Blues
12. Sail Away Ladies
13. All Your Sweetness
14. Rock Island Rocket
15. Marley's Mood
16. That's Why I'm Here
17. Prayin'