Elvis Presley - Stereo '57 Essential Elvis Volume 2 Hybrid Stereo SACD Analogue Productions

Elvis Presley - Stereo '57 Essential Elvis Volume 2 Hybrid Stereo SACD Analogue Productions

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Nearly lost to history, Elvis 2-track masters saved by chance
Now presented in stunning clarity on SACD!
Mastered at Sterling Sound

The discovery of these 2-track masters comprising Stereo '57 - The Essential Elvis Volume 2, is nothing short of a miracle, and this SACD sounds so astonishing, your jaw will hit the floor!

From the moment Elvis began working with a new song, sound engineer Thorne Norgar had the 15 ips mono tape machine rolling simultaneously with a 2-track protection copy. The machines weren't switched to pause until Elvis was satisfied with the take.

A couple of years before the advent of the stereo LP in mid-1958, major record companies were experimenting with stereophonic recordings, often refered to then as binaural. Studios were using the new Ampex 2-track tape recorders for other purposes, such as for recording session back-ups. But few Elvis fans know how close history came to permanently losing these precious audio glimpses of a young Elvis engrossed in the creative process.

On this SACD from Analogue Productions, the vocal harmonies are tingle-inducing, life-sized and utterly natural.

For serious Elvis fans and anyone else interested in the creative process, Volume 2 meets the first definition of ''essential'' as well as the second: it's indispensable stuff.

1. I Beg Of You (Take 1)
2. Is It So Strange (Take 1)
3. Have I Told You Lately That I Love (Take 2)
4. It Is No Secret (What God Can Do) (Takes 1,2,3)
5. Blueberry Hill (Take 2)
6. Mean Woman Blues (Take 14)
7. There'll Be Peace In The Valley (Takes 2,3)
8. Have I Told You Lately I Love You (Take 6)
9. Blueberry Hill (Take 7)
10. That's When Your Heartaches Begin (Takes 4,5,6)
11. Is It So Strange (Takes 7,11)
12. I Beg Of You (Takes 6,8)
13. Peace In The Valley (Take 7)
14. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (Takes 12,13)
15. I Beg Of You (Take 12)
16. I Believe (Take 4) *Bonus Mono Track
17. Tell Me Why (Take 5) *Bonus Mono Track
18. Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do! (Take 9) *Bonus Mono Track
19. All Shook Up (Take 10) *Bonus Mono Track
20. Take My Hand, Precious Lord (Take 14) *Bonus Mono Track

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