Eagles - Desperado Hybrid SACD, Numbered MFSL MoFi

Eagles - Desperado Hybrid SACD, Numbered MFSL MoFi

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Eagles' Desperado Mastered from the Original Analog Master Tapes for Definitive Sound: Second in an Unprecedented Series from the Band and Mobile Fidelity

Experience the Iconic Record Like Never Before: MoFi Numbered-Edition Hybrid SACD Plays with Stunning Transparency, Detail, and Presence

Western-Themed 1973 Album Pioneered Country Rock and the Don Henley-Glenn Frey Songwriting Partnership: Includes ''Tequila Sunrise'' and the Title Track

Renowned for their demands for exacting quality and linked by their passion for timeless music, Rock & Roll Hall of Famers the Eagles and preeminent audiophile label Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab are a perfect match. For the benefit of listeners everywhere, the two venerated institutions have partnered on an unprecedented series that will present all six of the Eagles' iconic '70s studio albums on hybrid SACDs.

Desperado speaks to a universally human theme-the notion that at heart we are all drifters, always searching in life for ever-elusive goals such as stability, companionship, belonging, and satisfaction. Marrying cohesive western-themed arrangements to conceptual narrative devices, the Eagles' 1973 album also hits on a tried-and true American principle: The West, and the freedom, promise, and danger it has represented throughout U.S. history.

Mastered from the original analog master tapes, Mobile Fidelity's numbered-edition hybrid SACD celebrates the album's significance. Playing with reference sonics marked by stunning dynamics, transparency, detail, and balance, it zeroes in on the particulars of the Eagles' golden harmonies and interplay between acoustic and electric instruments.

Numbered Hybrid Stereo SACD

1. Doolin-Dalton
2. Twenty-One
3. Out of Control
4. Tequila Sunrise
5. Desperado
6. Doolin-Dalton
7. Outlaw Man
8. Saturday Night
9. Bitter Creek
10. Doolin-Dalton/Desperado

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