Donald Fagen The Nightfly Hybrid Multi-Channel & Stereo Japanese Import SACD

Donald Fagen The Nightfly Hybrid Multi-Channel & Stereo Japanese Import SACD

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Classic 1982 Album on Hybrid Multi-Channel SACD!

Donald Fagen, the Grammy award wining voice of Steely Dan, since the '80s has continued to make an impact. His innovative 1981 release, The Nightfly, was an instant classic & was one of the first major pop releases to use the new digital recording technology.

Released in 1982, this was Fagen's first album project post-Steely Dan. Marking a considerable departure from his earlier work, The Nightfly eschewed that outfit's ironic distance in favor of autobiographical intimacy. The album, one of the best-produced ever, was recorded with the painstaking attention to detail that was such a part of Steely Dan. In fact, Fagen used the same top session players.

This Classic Album received several Grammy nominations and produced two hit songs "I.G.Y." and "New Frontier."

"The Nightfly is lush and shimmering, produced with cinematic flair by Gary Katz; romanticized but never sentimental, the songs are slices of suburbanite soap opera, tales of space-age hopes (the hit "I.G.Y.") and Cold War fears (the wonderful "The New Frontier," a memoir of fallout-shelter love) crafted with impeccable style and sophistication." -Jason Ankeny,

  • Super Audio CD
  • SACD 5.1 Multi-Channel SACD Layer
  • SACD Stereo SACD Layer
  • This Hybrid SACD contains a 'Red Book' Stereo CD Layer which is playable on most conventional CD Players!
  • Made in Japan

1. I. G.Y.
2. Green Flower Street
3. Ruby Baby
4. Maxine
5. New Frontier
6. The Nightfly
7. The Goodbye Look
8. Walk Between Raindrops

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