Chris Jones No Looking Back 180g Audiophile Vinyl LP

Chris Jones No Looking Back 180g Audiophile Vinyl LP

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High Quality 180 Gram Vinyl!

The extraordinary guitarist Chris Jones appeared on many Stockfisch productions. This 1982 album, "No Looking Back", finds Jones playing songs from composers such as Lowell George, Tim Wood, Danny O'Keefe, and Paul Stephenson.

"Among fans of high-quality guitar music, Chris Jones rightly enjoys cult status.

"His unusual career began at the age of 14, when he was awarded the "Young Composer of the Year" prize at the renowned Peabody Conservatory in Maryland, USA. By the early 1980s he had already made a name for himself with his unique guitar style, which ranged from sensitive ballad renditions to driving rockers, his soulful vocals and impressive songwriting talents. As well as countless recordings as a studio musician, Jones released three solo albums. Despite his death at the early age of 46, Chris Jones left a legacy which will be remembered long after he's gone." - Steve Baker

  • Heavy Weight High Quality 180g Vinyl LP
  • Made in Germany
  • Mastering by Hans-Jorg Maucksch at Pauler Acoustics
  • DMM disc cutting by Hendrik Pauler at Pauler Acoustics, Spring 2017

Chris Jones, all guitars, vocals, bass (A3)
Ulrike Frank, background vocals (B1 & B4)
Oss Rentz, background vocals (B1 & B4)
Wojtek Bolimowski, viola (A1)
John Henrich, pedal-steel (B1)
Hennes Essers, mouthharp (B4)
Hans-Jorg Maucksch, bass (A1)
Pele Reinnarth, bass, (A2, A4, B1-B5)

Side 1:
1. Where Are You Going
2. Morning Light
3. No Looking Back
4. Moving You Out
5. Willing
Side 2:
1. Anny
2. The Road
3. Good Reason
4. The Nightingale Song
5. Bottle Song

Total playing time, 39:48

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