Chris Jones & Charlie Carr Analog Pearls Vol. 3 180g Audiophile DMM Vinyl LP

Chris Jones & Charlie Carr Analog Pearls Vol. 3 180g Audiophile DMM Vinyl LP

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Direct Metal Mastering Pressed on High Quality 180 Gram Vinyl!

In 1979, Chris Jones and Charlie Carr came together to record some of their own songs along with a few traditional pieces. The tapes of this recording lay hidden in the Stockfish archive for 40 years, only to resurface again in 2019. Stockfish Records is glad to release the results of this collaboration as the third album in its "Analog Pearls" series.

Stockfisch-Records started a series called "Analog Pearls". These old analog recordings were chosen because of the fantastic sound. For the series Günter Pauler is looking in archives and is searching for grantors of a license. Before releasing as "Analog Pearls" the tracks have been carefully remastered at Stockfisch-Records.

"Rediscovering the tapes of this production after such a long time brought back memories of how I first met Chris Jones: it was thanks to Charlie Carr, at that time working at an army-shop in Southern Germany, who acquired for me a Crown DC-300 - the sensational power amplifier of the time. As a way of thanking him, I offered to do a recording at our studio. Charlie was thrilled and brought Chris Jones with him, who was to accompany him during the recording sessions. Thus began our wonderful musical journey with Chris Jones." - Gunter Pauler, 2019

  • Heavy Weight High Quality 180g Vinyl LP
  • Direct Metal Master Cut Vinyl
  • Made in Germany
  • Premastering: Hans-Jorg Maucksch at Pauler Acoustics
  • DMM Disc Cutting: Hendrik Pauler
  • Recorded by Gunter Pauler Tonstudio St. Blasien, Northeim, 1979
  • Transferred from original analog reel to reel tape
  • Resealable outer sleeve
  • Poly-lined heavy paper inner sleeve
Side A:
Footprints In The Snow - Instr.
The Goodbye Song
Side B:
Hills Of Shiloh
Johnny, I Hardly Knew You
John Henry
Moving You Out
Total running time: 38 minutes