Candido & Graciela - Inolvidable Stereo/Multi-Channel Hybrid SACD Chesky

Candido & Graciela - Inolvidable Stereo/Multi-Channel Hybrid SACD Chesky

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Stereo/Multi-Channel Hybrid SACD Super Audio CD plays on both CD and SACD Players

Havana-born Latin music legends Candido and Graciela are two of the survivors of the Cubop movement of the late 1940s, which fused Cuban rhythms with big-band jazz. These masters of the art bring a unique style and easy camaraderie to this recording, highlighted by Graciela 's call-and-response interplay with the band and Candido's subtle wizardry on the conga drums. What you have is inolvidable, unforgettable.


  1. Su Supieras
  2. Cachita
  3. Vida Es Un Sueno
  4. Amor Ciego
  5. Conga Jam
  6. Tu Mi Delirio
  7. Quien Eres Tu
  8. Desvelo
  9. Tu Me Acostumbraste
  10. Contigo en la Distancia
  11. Inolvidable, Pt. 1
  12. Inolvidable, Pt. 2

A. Rodríguez Candido Camero Cornelio Reyna Francisco Dominguez Julio Gutierrez Lou Perez Rafael Hernández
Andrew Gonzalez Eddie Perales Frederico Britos Ruiz Graciela Per z Grillo Manny Oquendo Sonny Bravo Xiomara Laugart
Candido & Graciela
David Chesky Nelson Gonzalez

UPC: 090368029768