Allan Taylor Analog Pearls Vol. 6 - Win Or Lose 180g Audiophile Vinyl LP (DMM)

Allan Taylor Analog Pearls Vol. 6 - Win Or Lose 180g Audiophile Vinyl LP (DMM)

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Direct Metal Mastering Pressed On High Quality 180g Vinyl LP!

The idea to re-release Win Or Lose on Stockfisch Records came from Günter Pauler after I had sent him the original master-tape that I had found amongst my archive material. I thought he might be interested, mainly because the original quality of recording was so good. Furthermore, it fell within the parameters of quality that Stockfisch demand from all of their recordings, so we decided to go ahead with the idea, releasing it on the "Analog Pearls" series on vinyl and SACD.

How the original recording came to be; In the early '80s the standard of vinyl for LPs was bad, as most vinyl was re-cycled which meant it had inherent noise. I decided that the only way to make sure the recordings and pressings were of the quality I wanted was to form my own company, and "go it alone". I had compromised enough, and I decided that I would strive for perfection at every stage of producing an album. I chose the best studio in the north of England, the best cutting studio in Britain and the best pressing plant. When I contacted Nimbus about pressing my album, they said that they would only press records of Classical Music, to which I replied, I would pay whatever their price was. Consequently, my album was the first non-classical record to be pressed by Nimbus.

We recorded and mixed the album from 7th to 13th of September 1984. Most of the recording was "live", with only the harmony vocals over-dubbed (apart from a few keyboard overdubs).

It is almost forty years since that original recording, and although much has changed as regards recording techniques and equipment, I hope the songs have stood the test of time, and you, the listener, will enjoy the result. - Allan Taylor, 2020

  • Heavy Weight High Quality 180g Vinyl LP
  • Direct Metal Master Cut Vinyl
  • Transferred from the original reel-to-reel tape
  • Premastering by Hans-Jorg Maucksch
  • DMM disc cutting by Hendrik Pauler
  • Pressing at MY45, Germany
  • Total running time: 43:27

Allan Taylor vocal, guitar
Mike Silver backing vocals, guitar
Pete Glennon electric and double bass
Richie Close piano, Yamaha dx7, Prophet 5
Mike Timoney accordion, Yamaha dx7, Wave 2.2 with Waveterm

Side 1:
Choose Your Time
Crazy Amsterdam
Angelina's Cantina
Win Or Lose
Side 2:
Syracuse And Albany
Golden Island
There Was A Time
Now You Know
The Dove
The Rose And The Briar

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